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Dr. Greg Gilbaugh

Let’s get your business healthy…

…and let GOOD things run wild.

You’re in the business of health so you know that being “healthy” is a multifaceted goal.


Let’s do a CHECKUP on your business.

Your business is in tip-top health if you:

Are leading a team of highly skilled people who function as a cohesive unit.

Know your mission and everyone in your practice is pulling in the same direction.

Have maximized your revenue without feeling like an assembly line.

Could step away from your practice at any time and it will continue to flourish.

Does this sound like you? Likely not…

You see, it’s VERY COMMON for health care practices—dentists, pediatricians, chiropractors, family medicine doctors—to find themselves doing their best for their clients while working in (to put it lightly) dumpster fire conditions.

An environment where you feel like things are eternally unraveling. Employees are only coming to work because it’s their job, as the owner you’re solving a never ending list of problems, and while you have a vague goal knowing you want to grow their practice, you probably don’t have a true understanding of what that looks like or why they want to achieve that goal.


Job satisfaction is low. Turnover is typically high. And the stress… forget about it.

This is a health practice that is functioning (or perhaps, dysfunctioning) in an unhealthy way.


I’m here to help turn that around...

Medical professional feeling stressed
Doctor feeling stressed

“When you combine experience and passion, coupled with a heart for people, there stands Greg.”

His perspective and counsel are grounded in his deep-rooted faith and bolstered by his practical business experience in building a world-class dental practice. Greg’s ability to deliver a clear message that educates, and challenges is a gift to any attendee.  Have no doubt – attend a speaking engagement with Greg, and your team will walk away with more energy, a clearer view to conquer today’s challenges, and a renewed conviction to lead with excellence.

—LEE EILERS, President & CEO of Marion Process Solutions


I’ve been in the dental field for 38 years, my practices have survived not one, not two, but THREE once in a lifetime disasters (which resulted in literally rebuilding from the ground up each time), and 7 years ago I was unexpectedly disabled leaving me unable to practice dentistry myself—yet my two, multi-doctor, multi-specialty practices have continued to flourish allowing me to turn my attention to my passion—the Kalos Business Group.

And the most important part of all of this?

The practices I’ve built are an integral part of our community, our employees love coming to work, and I’ve been able to answer my calling and honor my relationship with God every step of the way.


So you might say, I know a thing or two about building healthy businesses—and my core philosophy for achieving that is to let good run wild. Not sure what that means? Rest assured… you’ll soon find out.

Dr. Greg Gilbaugh

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg Gilbaugh.

dashboard for healthcare practices displayed on a tablet screen

Want a taste of something GOOD?

Download my Free KPI Dashboard for Healthcare Practices: The 3 Metrics You Need to Track to INCREASE REVENUE by 25% within 6 months

“He is deeply committed to his faith and has a passion for coaching...”

Greg is a successful business owner and servant leader, who is actively involved professionally and with his local church. Greg is a very thoughtful, relevant, and engaging speaker, who connects with his audience in ways that challenge critical thinking and promote individual growth. He is deeply committed to his faith and has a passion for coaching, encouraging and disciplining business leaders as Christ-following leaders who advance the Kingdom of God.

—SUSIE VEATCH, President of Kinze Manufacturing

“He is a passionate and engaging speaker, and his messages are positive, thought provoking...”

I have had the opportunity to hear Greg speak for a number of years on how faith impacts athletic performance.  He is a passionate and engaging speaker, and his messages are positive, thought provoking, encouraging and it has had a positive contribution on the individuals who have heard him speak.

—KIRK FERENTZ, Head Football Coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes


Want to work with me? 

I help healthcare practices develop the infrastructure they need to grow and allows the owner to take a step back if they wish, all while aligning themselves with a higher purpose that brings fulfillment for everyone involved.


My coaching is hands-on and we work at your pace. If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help YOU and your practice, then book a consultation and let’s discuss.

A Recipe for HEALTH

Healthcare practices that are growing and thriving have three things in common:


They answer a calling and purpose for the individuals who work in them and/or within their community, in short there is a reason they are there.

When these three principles are present and combined—GOOD things happen. 

And when good things happen, it’s our duty to let them run wild. Having a profoundly positive effect on everything our practices touch.


When you build your practice in this way, success, prosperity, and fulfillment are inevitable. And this is exactly what I help my clients do.


They have a focus and direction that sets an example for those around them and serves the bigger picture.


They operate as a business first with a tangible foundation, mission, and growth strategy that does not rely solely on the owner.

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