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It’s time to let good things run wild!

Dr. Greg Gilbaugh graduated from the University of Iowa in 1981.  During that time, he was a four- time letter winner and twice named to the All-Big-10 Academic Football Team.  He also graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1985 and completed Advanced General Dental Education residency training in 1986.  It was then that he began a journey of personal and business growth.

After his training Dr. Greg married and also bought a small dental practice.  Today he is the owner of two large, multi-doctor dental clinics consisting of general care doctors along with orthodontic and pediatric specialists.  The clinics together created The Family Dental Campus which serves numerous communities in eastern Iowa.  His primary role and passion are in vision and mission development, organizational health and growth, as well as leadership development of people (or as the Bible calls it…stewardship).  Greg and Laura’s family also grew as they became the parents of nine children during this time.

Dr. Greg has also been part of a church pastoral team since 2003, serving through vision development, one on one mentoring and coaching of pastors, along with Biblical teaching and preaching.  One of his great passions has been the development of materials, tools, and curriculum that encourages men in their roles, responsibilities, and obligations as husbands, fathers, and those in the marketplace to become people of effectiveness, impact, and passion in all these areas that they may find themselves in.

Greg is an effective and engaging communicator. He has spoken at business colleges, dental colleges, university athletic teams, professional health care groups, and men’s conferences.  One of the dominant themes in his coaching and speaking is how one connects their business interests to their faith resulting in a deeper faith, a better business, and a greater impact.

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