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Hiring an executive business coach has had the most profound impact on myself and my business than all the numerous consultants, mentors, and training groups that I have had. I hired a coach after being in business for thirty years. I had developed a ten year plan for my business and I hired my coach to help me with the plan.  We achieved it in three years! Not only had my business grown and changed, but more importantly, so did I. For a number of years I had a growing desire to spend some of my later years helping people connect their faith with their businesses. I became convinced the model of coaching others had the opportunity to have the greatest impact on business leaders and their businesses, but also on their households, churches, and communities. 


Being coached was one of those significant life changing events that God used to impact me and I love to work with others so that they may have the same benefits.



Coaching is coming along side a person, their team, or organization and helping them to move from where they currently are to a place where they want to get. It is one of the most effective and impactful resource available for any leader wanting to grow and develop. By asking deep, probing questions, coaches help leaders to think deeply about what they want themselves and their organizations to look like in the future, and then develop the necessary steps in order to get there. It is helping leaders and their organizations to grow and develop to their best of their abilities. Coaching is assisting a leader in identifying their specific potential future and working with them to make it a potent reality.


Through the Kalos Business Group, Dr. Greg has created an in-depth online course and coaching program. You can simply take the online course or you can book a call with Dr. Greg to discuss one-on-one coaching that corresponds with the online course!

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