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An inspiring motivational speaker, Dr. Greg Gilbaugh helps audiences understand how faith and business are intertwined.

Speaking Topics

The Power of Connecting Faith With Business

Your faith is the foundation for your life. Your work is where you spend most of your life. Yet, for many people these two worlds rarely connect with each other.  It is not that people do not want to connect these two worlds; it is mostly that they don’t know how. Dr. Greg explains how your faith and your work are not intended to be separate entities, but they actually fit together as an integrated whole entity that not only deepens your faith, but also builds better business, and creates a great impact.

Stewardship Unleashed: The Passion for Growth, Productivity, and Results in the Marketplace

As a business leader you are responsible for the growth, productivity, and results of the business you lead.  As a person of faith you want to achieve these results without compromising your faith.  Dr. Greg Gilbaugh addresses the faith based paradigm of stewardship and how it seeks to make the most of the people, opportunities, and resources that the business leader is responsible for.  Connecting your faith to your business is the catalyst you need to grow a deeper faith, a better performing business, and a greater impact in your community.


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