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What many people don’t realize about healthcare practices is that the profit margin is BEYOND SLIM...

...usually at least 70% of revenue (sometimes even up to 90%) is devoted to overhead, and most practices are running DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to falling apart.


A doctor leaving could put the practice into a tailspin, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and taking months or even years to get back to where they were before.

Day to day problems arise as quickly as they are solved leaving the owner feeling like they’re holding everything together with string… and it’s slowly unraveling.


Everyone involved are operating with their own agenda rather than pointed toward a common direction, leading to an unhealthy work environment and high turnover.


It’s for these reasons that I lovingly describe most healthcare practices as functionally dysfunctional. 


They’re doing their best for their clients, everyone is holding onto their job, but it’s all almost happening despite themselves.

Now imagine for a moment, what your practice would look like if you:

Had a team who were highly skilled and cared about their clients.

Had a team who were excited and engaged all working toward a common mission.

Had a stable business structure that would continue to operate and grow — with or without YOU at its helm.

This isn’t a daydream — it’s what is possible when you build a HEALTHY practice.

How do you do that?

A Healthy Practice has three key aspects:

Unfortunately, these three aspects don’t usually come together on their own.

For one, most health practitioners don’t explore or even realize that there is an intersection between their faith and their business. In fact, they might not even have learned HOW to run a business in their training, instead they were only taught their trade and left to figure out how to run a business on their own.


While your trade is indeed how you help people, the opportunities to bring good into the world (let alone for yourself and your family), lies in growing a business that meets your needs, your employees needs, and when done right—the needs of the community around you.


In this way, your business IS your calling. And God doesn’t want you to just do enough to keep the trains running and the lights on, with focused intention and the right strategies your business can become a vehicle for good works and bring more fulfillment than you ever dreamed of.

My practices that I devoted my life to were completely destroyed by once in a generation natural disasters (3 times to be exact). And each time I had to quite literally rebuild from the ground up.


Now, as you can imagine, this was a challenge to myself, my family, and my employees.


Fortunately my faith in God is strong and looking back I can see how these disasters were opportunities for me to strengthen my business growth muscles—doing reps if you will—until I knew exactly what to do in order to grow a practice that was profitable, did good in the world, and more than met the needs of those around me.


Now, I have turned my attention to helping others grow healthy businesses as well.

This is where I come in. You see, I started in healthcare so I could help people as well.

Are you ready to let GOOD things run wild and lead a thriving practice?

Here what it looks like to work together:

Phase 1:
Your Healthy Business Vision

We begin by finding where your calling in life, your core convictions (aka - must haves), and your business intersect and craft a clear vision for what your business could look like when these aspects are brought into harmony.


From there we: 

  • Develop mission and vision statements for how you will grow your practice.

  • Curate a culture with your team that gets everyone pulling in the same direction

  • Find ways for your business to have a larger impact on the surrounding community


By the end of this phase you’ll feel inspired about your direction, and have a common goal for your team to work towards.

Phase 2:
Integrating Change

Visions don’t come to fruition over night, nor is change often easy.


In this phase I’ll guide you through bi-weekly calls and help you:

  • Lead the people within your team and support their growth.

  • Identify opportunities and objectives and how to best leverage them.

  • Develop necessary infrastructure regarding sales and marketing, operations, finances, human resources, and ongoing personal development.

  • Determine the business tools that will best support your business and allow you to track necessary metrics and progress.


By the end of this phase, your business will be organized and operating like a well-oiled machine, without you holding all the pieces together.

Phase 3:
The Greater Good

As I mentioned before, you weren’t called to your business just to pay bills, you’re meant to be a leader and as a business owner you have the opportunity to do really great things in your community.


In this phase we’ll:

  • Develop the vision for how your business can have a positive impact on the world around you.

  • Grow your skills as a leader of your life and business.

  • Continue to identify opportunities and challenges as they arise and handle them with your developing skills.


These phases never truly end, there will always be something “next” for you and I’m here to offer support. In fact, many of my clients work with me for 3-5 years because that allows us time to completely transform the internal and external workings of their business and leaves them in-choice as to whether they’d like to sell and retire, and/or at the very least how much time they want to devote to working IN their practice.

Coaching with me 1:1 is $1500 per month, with an initial 12-month commitment. From there, you can decide if you’d like to continue working together or if you’re satisfied with where you are with your practice.

This program is great for you if:

  • You’re a new practice that wants to skip the school of hard knocks and set up your practice with intention from the get-go.

  • You have an established practice that you want to grow in a fulfilling way.

  • You would like to have the option of selling and retiring, or at least taking a step back in some way within the next 3-5 years.

  • Right now you feel like you’re holding everything together with string and are afraid everything could fall apart.

  • You’re simply feeling burned out, overworked, and want to live your life without your business dominating your every waking thought.


If you’re interested in working together all you have to do is schedule a consultation and we’ll go from there.


Even if you’re simply curious and not quite sure if you’re ready, let’s schedule a time to talk. All you have to do is click the button, and follow the steps to get booked in.

So let’s talk about the pricing and commitment.


“He is deeply committed to his faith and has a passion for coaching...”

Greg is a successful business owner and servant leader, who is actively involved professionally and with his local church. Greg is a very thoughtful, relevant, and engaging speaker, who connects with his audience in ways that challenge critical thinking and promote individual growth. He is deeply committed to his faith and has a passion for coaching, encouraging and disciplining business leaders as Christ-following leaders who advance the Kingdom of God.

—SUSIE VEATCH, President of Kinze Manufacturing

“When you combine experience and passion, coupled with a heart for people, there stands Greg.”

His perspective and counsel are grounded in his deep-rooted faith and bolstered by his practical business experience in building a world-class dental practice. Greg’s ability to deliver a clear message that educates, and challenges is a gift to any attendee.  Have no doubt – attend a speaking engagement with Greg, and your team will walk away with more energy, a clearer view to conquer today’s challenges, and a renewed conviction to lead with excellence.

—LEE EILERS, President & CEO of Marion Process Solutions

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