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The people perish - Proverbs 29:18


Perish.  Collapse.  Decease.  Unravel.  Expire.  Rot away and die.

And it’s all happening to people.

These are the things that happen when there is no vision.  It is a principle and promise that is universal in its scope and its evidence is all around us:  crumbling communities, fractured churches, broken families, and splintered marriages.

Much is the result of a lack of vision.

But, what happens to a man when he develops a vision not only for right now, but also for the rest of his life?

Biblically mature and passionate men are driven by a powerful vision for their lives.  They lead themselves well.  They love and lead their families well.  They bring leadership and influence to a local church.  They join up with multiple men just like them and impact a community.

So, where can a man go to help him in his pursuit of a noble vision?

Enter The Kalos Men’s Institute.

The Institute exists to help train, encourage, and disciple men in their Biblical callings and responsibilities through the various seasons of life so that they can have as much impact and influence in whatever season of life they find themselves in.

That’s the power of a God-ordained vision in the life of a man. 

The perishing comes to an end.

 And thriving begins.

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